Sharps Management

New England MedWaste offers sharps service and disposal solutions to support the needs of all businesses. From disposable sharps containers to state-of-the-art reusable sharps programs, you can trust that your facility is taking the steps required to keep staff and patients safe from needlestick injuries and the potential spread of infectious diseases.

Empowering Your Team

Sharps Management Services

Sharps injuries can be an unfortunate part of the medical profession, but with the right measures in place, this risk can be significantly reduced. An effective Sharps Management program is crucial in safeguarding your healthcare facility and its employees.

At New England MedWaste, not only do we install state-of-the-art sharps containers, but we empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed for their proper use and management. From proper container placement to online sharps safety courses, we have you covered.

Sharps Management

Premium Reusable Sharps Containers

The Perfect Blend of Safety and Sustainability

At New England MedWaste, we take pride in offering the best reusable sharps containers in the industry. Our containers provide a host of benefits that prioritize safety, convenience, and environmental responsibility.

Here’s what you’ll love about our sharps containers:

  • Puncture Resistant & Leak Proof
  • Universal Horizontal & Vertical Drop Inserts
  • Semi-transparent Body for Viewing Fill Levels
  • Locking Lid & Integrated Handle
  • Secure Key-lock Wall Mount Bracket
  • Up to 600 Wash Cycles
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Environmentally Responsible
Sharps Management

Safe, Efficient, Durable Solutions for Healthcare

Why Switch to the Reusable Sharps Program?

Reusable sharps aren’t always the best fit for all medical businesses. However, by offering the safest, most efficient, and most durable reusable sharps container solutions (plus installation and management of them), we’re revolutionizing how healthcare facilities handle sharps waste. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from this environmentally responsible program.
Reduce the Risk of Needlesticks

Reduce the Risk of Needlesticks

With our reusable sharps containers, you can significantly minimize the risk of needlestick injuries among healthcare workers. Our containers are designed with advanced safety features, such as puncture-resistant materials and locking mechanisms, ensuring utmost protection during collection and transportation.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Our reusable sharps containers come with greater collection capacity, allowing for more efficient waste management. This means fewer trips for waste disposal, saving time, and reducing costs. By optimizing sharps disposal processes, your healthcare facility can focus on what matters, providing quality patient care.

Safeguard the Environment

Safeguard the Environment

Disposable plastic containers contribute to the growing problem of plastic waste pollution. By eliminating disposable containers, you can significantly reduce your facility’s environmental impact. Join us in promoting sustainability by choosing our reusable sharps program.

Lower Operational Costs

Lower Operational Costs

Switching to reusable sharps containers can lead to substantial cost savings in the long run. By eliminating the need for frequent purchases of disposable containers, you can cut down on procurement expenses. Plus, our cost-effective program is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency while minimizing costs.

Leading in Sustainable Sharps Management Solutions

New England’s Trusted Sharps Disposal Partner

At New England MedWaste, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and environmentally responsible waste management solutions. Our Sharps Management services offer numerous advantages — including reduced needlestick risks, improved operational efficiencies, environmental sustainability, and lower operational costs. Contact us today for an onsite sharps waste assessment and let us design a cost-effective program tailored to your facility’s needs.

Facilities of all types and sizes across New England depend on us for compliant Sharps waste disposal solutions. With a service area across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, New England MedWaste is the premier partner for containers and disposal solutions that match your unique needs.

Sharps Management
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Answering Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Sharps Management

What is considered by OSHA a sharp?

Sharps are objects that can penetrate a worker’s skin, such as needles, broken glass, capillary tubes, and exposed ends of dental wires.

What are examples of sharps waste?

Contaminated needles, syringes, IV tubing with needles attached, lancets, scalpels, glass.

What's the correct procedure for handling and disposing of sharps?

Used sharps must never be carried or handed to another person. Ensure immediate disposal of all sharps directly into an FDA-approved Sharps Container.

Do healthcare employees require training to handle sharps?

Yes. OSHA Blood Borne Training is required annually for all employees with the potential to handle sharps. Sharps Safety courses are also available and recommended.

What can you do to help prevent a sharps injury?

Needlestick injuries can be avoided by eliminating the unnecessary use of needles, using devices with safety features, and promoting education and safe work practices for handling and packaging sharps waste.