Shredding Services for Hathorne, Massachusetts

Shredding Services for Hathorne, MassachusettsSecurity is of the utmost concern for everyone these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local physician or a mega-corporation, your document/media security is just as important. New England Medwaste, located in Middleton, MA is ready to assist with these concerns by delivering expert shredding services. We thrive by living up to the definition of secure; “not subject to threat. Certain to remain or continue safe and unharmed.”

There are plenty of people out to collect personal information from your clients, your business operations, your bank information, and so on. This information can be worth millions of dollars in the wrong hands, and could even find its way to the dark net. Just look at the many groups, organizations and companies that have already suffered this horrible loss. If you don’t use shredding services, this type of catastrophe could cost you tons of money, or even worse, it could cost your company’s reputation.

The best way to secure documents, even long after they have served their purpose, is by using a shredding company. This is why shredding services destruction.

At New England Medwaste, we are all about being secure. When you schedule your shredding services for Hathorne, Massachusetts, we will supply you with secure on-site storage containers. These range from efficient executive containers, holding up to seventy-five pounds of paper, to wheeled containers capable of holding up to three hundred pounds. Locks secure these containers to prevent any removal of the sensitive contents by unauthorized personnel.

We provide our shredding services to multiple different industries. These include, but are not limited to;

  • Hospitals
  • Police, fire and municipalities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Physician and dentist offices
  • Public and private schools
  • All sized corporations

Beyond security, we guarantee customers a few other important factors. For example; when you hire us to shred important documents, you will receive our highest level of customer service. With New England Medwaste for shredding services, you are also guaranteed state-of-the-art destruction and recycling of every document, disk, and piece of data.

We keep our clients happy with our professionalism and by doing a great job using “green” technology. When we handle sensitive materials, we turn every item processed into an unusable, unrecoverable component. Then these components are environmentally recycled and the jobs complete. The only thing left is for shredding services, Hathorne, Massachusetts to hand you a “Certificate of Destruction” for proof of service and any regulatory compliance you might need to follow up with.

So get in touch with New England Medwaste for all your shedding needs.