Ambulance & EMT

New England MedWaste offers hassle-free and reliable solutions for managing your emergency medical service waste. Our experts give you personalized support so you don’t have to worry about navigating confusing paperwork or being faced with hefty fines — we take care of it all for you!

Simplify Waste Management

Ambulance & EMT Medical Waste Services

Emergency Medical Services throughout New England face unique challenges in providing emergency services to your communities. The last thing you need to worry about is how to manage your medical waste.

At New England MedWaste, the process is simple. We provide a per box rate for routine service, and our agreements are designed to lock in your price with no fees or annual price increases, and there is no penalty for cancellation. One call is all it takes to experience the difference, and benefit from working with an honest local company.

Ambulance & EMT

Dedication to Your Healthcare Enterprise

Medical Waste Management Solutions for Ambulance & Emergency Medical Services

Who Benefits?

  • Ambulance Services
  • Emergency Medical Services 

Why New England MedWaste?

  • Reusable Sharps Programs
  • Bundle Waste Services and Shredding
  • OSHA Compliance Portal and Training
  • Local Waste-to-Energy Facility 

Partnering in Safety

Reliable Support for Emergency Service Professionals

When it comes to the critical work of our emergency service workers and companies across New England, trust is paramount. That’s why New England MedWaste supports so many of our brave front-line workers. We make it easy with convenient service schedules, hands-on support, and the best pricing guaranteed.

Our commitment to safety, compliance, and dependability is unwavering, ensuring that lifesaving professionals can focus on what matters most: saving lives. Contact us now and let us help you streamline your medical waste disposal.

Ambulance & EMT